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Year of the Lotus
6th-Feb-2010 10:46 pm - When You Die
baby's breath

Day 35, by HasuHime.

The angle of this makes my face look really weirrrrd, but I like it. I like how the pearl necklace sort of frames the bottom, like the oval base at the neck of a Victorian portrait. Could have been slightly more symmetrical, though.
4th-Feb-2010 11:31 pm - Cassie, Cassie Coooooool!

Day 35, by HasuHime.

Credit to Cassie The Awesome for being my human tripod. :)
3rd-Feb-2010 11:48 pm - Look Again
dishonest heart

Day 34, by HasuHime.

I didn't feel particularly pretty today after my encounter in town, so I indulged in some heavy (slightly fantastical) photoshopping. You wouldn't believe it if I showed you the original to this.
2nd-Feb-2010 10:38 pm - The Waiting Game
alan rickman

Day 33, by HasuHime.

Class finished quarter of an hour early, so I got my photo done while I waited for Mum. I might have cheated, just a tiny bit.. I set up the shot and everything, but my remote doesn't work from that far away, so Danny pressed the button for me. Shhh!
1st-Feb-2010 09:49 pm - Islands in the Stream

Day 32, by HasuHime.

Didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Though as I've said before, there's only so much you can do with orange light. I wish I hadn't turned my head before the exposure was done.

So many cars beeped at me. :( I must have looked like a right plank, standing stock still in the middle of the bloody road.
31st-Jan-2010 11:52 pm - Splitting
sleep don't weep

Day 31, by HasuHime.

..headache. Guh.
30th-Jan-2010 10:30 pm - The Adventures of Ameira and Trotsky

Day 30, by HasuHime.

Original artwork by torreadora !

I really hope you don't mind me pimping this. It really was the highlight of my day, though! :D It made my mum stutter!

29th-Jan-2010 10:57 pm - Lady Lipsmacker
thor is our king

Day 29, by HasuHime.

This one's for Fiona, in the hope that it makes her laugh, because boys are stupid. I'm sorry I can't be there to give you cuddles right now, but instead, I'll leave you with some comforting words from Lady Lipsmacker. Love you, little sis!

28th-Jan-2010 08:36 pm - Rain, Rain Go Away

Day 28, by HasuHime.

I really wanted to do some light painting tonight. Aaaand then it rained. :(

My wrist looks a bit odd in this. It's because I was trying to hide the remote at the last second before the shutter went off, haha.
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